Welcome to The Nationals!

The Nationals is an annual gaming convention for student groups (and friends!) from all across the UK and beyond! It’s an action-packed weekend of board gaming, card gaming, tabletop and live-action roleplaying games, and wargaming – along with traders, artists, and a dizzying array of evening entertainments!

We’re delighted to welcome the Nationals back to Sheffield and we’re determined to make this year’s one of the best ever! Our theme this year is Cyberpunk, so bring your sharpest trenchcoat and pinkest mohawk, shine up your hottest hacking deck, and get ready to obey the Corp or rebel with the Punks in a fully augmented Nationals 2020!

There’ll be more to come on this page as we have more and more exciting things to announce, but for now check out our Downloads page for our main Event Brochure and how to get your ticket.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sheffield in April!

~The Nationals 2020 Organising Committee

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