The Student Nationals come to Glasgow

This year is the thirtieth anniversary of the Student Nationals and GUGS (Glasgow University Gaming Society) will have the honour of hosting it.


When you think about it, it’s incredible that an event run entirely by volunteers has continued passing it’s traditions from University to University, from student society to student society, from generation to generation.


I wasn’t at the first Nationals. I would have been four years old at the time, and yet, I am easily a veteran, having attended more than a half dozen. Every year people experience their first nationals and the tradition passes on. There has always been a healthy community of veterans (and independents) at the nationals and I’d love to hear from those who can remember the earliest years of the event.


So. What is the Student Nationals? It’s a convention run by student societies covering Roleplaying, War gaming, Card gaming, Board gaming and LARP. It’s a loose competition where the victors earn the dubious prize of reluctantly hosting the next year. For many, it’s an excuse to drink, meet new people and sleep in, miss the first two rounds on day two of Magic and still come third.


This is the first time it will be Scotland for some time, having been previously been hosted in Edinburgh in 2010, and the first time it will be in Glasgow for almost twenty years. GUGS has been a roleplaying, war gaming and card gaming society based at Glasgow University for decades and we hope to do justice to this great tradition.


Over the next few months we will be revealing more information about our plans. There are a few hints in the image above but we will announce more on that shortly. We hope to have a few surprises that will really get everyone excited about what we are doing.


We also plan to start a series of articles called Nastalgia. The Organisers at GUGS will be posting their cherished memories from past events and we hope you will too. We would love if you could write a short article about something that happened to you at the nationals. We plan to post these throughout the year and hopefully help the newer members of your societies who are weighing up whether they want to attend, see what they could be missing.

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