I’m signed up to this NSGRC thing, What now?

Well that’s an excellent question! and its entirely unreasonable that we haven’t answered this earlier!


Event Structure

The event structure itself is pretty simple. You will have now been assigned an event, if you aren’t sure what that event is there is a mostly up to date list here

You will be playing your assigned event all day both days.


On Saturday there is an opening Ceremony starting at 9AM. It should be finished by 10AM with Gophers and GM’s leading people away to there events. You will play that event from 10AM to 5PM with a lunch break.


On the Sunday there is no opening ceremony so its straight to your Game. You will play 9AM to 4PM (so you should have the same amount of time) After that a Closing Ceremony Starts at 5:30 until…its finished.


There are additional evening events, a wide variety of such on the Friday Evening starting at 7PM and more on Saturday starting 7PM. These are open events to all.


Additionally there is a wide variety of Vendors and Artists available during both days and we encourage you to visit them during your lunch at least one of those days.

So lots to do, Where should I go map.pngand When?

I am arriving on Friday

The Reception Desk opens from 4PM on Friday at the QMU. Get the Underground to Hill Head Underground Station.

Events start at 7PM but if you can we would recommend arriving early to get your team registered, pick up your lanyards and get our up to date event manual.


On Saturday you should go to the GUU for 9AM and on Sunday to the same building your game was in on Saturday

I am arriving on Saturday

Please go to the GUU for 8:30AM. the opening Ceremony starts at 9AM but you will need to go to our late registration reception desk before to get your lanyard.

Helpers and GM’s will help you to your game after / during the opening ceremony. After your game please make your way back to the QMU for further events.

Does it matter when I turn up? What if I am Late

On Friday, no, other than that you will miss some optional events but please do not be late for your main event. This isn’t a drop in, drop out event. your game starts from 10/9AM and runs all the way through. If your late, please head as soon as you can to your game. If you are lost look for an organiser in a blue shirt or message us on facebook.

I am the main organiser for my group or an engaged attendee

At 6:00PM on Friday will be an organiser meeting but there will be the same meeting at 9:00 PM on Discord on Saturday the 6th of April. More Details on Facebook. This meeting will be in CM1 or CM2 on the third floor of the QMU.

I am a GM

The GM Meeting starts at 6:30. If the 6:00 meeting runs over, we plan to split and run the GM Meeting seperately. This meeting will be in CM1 or CM2 on the third floor of the QMU.



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