Travel To Glasgow

Glasgow is easily accessible whether you are travelling by bus, train, plane or road.


The city is served by two main train stations. Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street. Both these stations are close together and located in the city center. Both these stations give easy access to local bus and subway routes which can get you to the University.


Glasgow’s Primary Bus Station in Buchanan Bus Station which is also located in the city center. You can easily catch a bus to other sections of the city and it is located near to Buchanan subway station and the Queen Street train station.


Glasgow International Airport is the main airport serving Glasgow. The Airport is actually located in Paisley, slightly outside Glasgow. The #500 Bus will take you directly to Glasgow City Center or the #77 Will take you to within walking distance of the University.


Glasgow is well served by multiple major Motorways. We would recommend checking your preferred route planning service for more information.


Travel Within Glasgow

Glasgow has many public transport options allowing you to easily get around though be warned, most of these services are not 24 hours particularly on Sunday


The primary bus going from the City Center to the University is the #4 which will take you straight to the Campus.

Timetables can be found at


Glasgow has the 3rd oldest subway in the UK and probably the simplest. It consists of a single large ring making it impossible to get lost, though, choosing the wrong circle (inner / outer) will lengthen your journey. It is a single price regardless of which station you are starting and ending at.

There are two subway stations serving the City Center. Buchanan Bus Station (Closest to the Bus Station and Queen Street) and St Enoch’s (Closest to Central Station).

Hillhead Underground Station on Byres Road is a short 5-10 minute walk from the University.

Any Hotel near to any Subway station will give you easy access to the University on the Saturday but the Subway only runs 10AM to 6PM on Sunday so you would have to make alternative travel arrangements.


If you want to walk from the City Center to the University it takes approximately 40-50 minutes.