Registration is subject to the rules detailed in the 2019 Nationals Brochure which can be found here.

  • eSports Registration is slightly different. please see that section in addition to the Groups / Individuals section


Main Registration for this event has closed.

A second phase of limited registration has now opened

During Limited Registration we will accept new independent signups and allow existing groups to add new members, however, the categories available will be limited as follows.


Signups for Melee and Ultimate will continue to be accepted (in fact even while sales are temporarily closed) but will only be accepted via the signup page

Card Gaming (Once Fixr reopens)

Signups are available for Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. List which game you’d like as your first preference.

Board Gaming (Once Fixr reopens)

Casual, Competitive and Co-operative Board game sign ups are available.

LARP (Once Fixr reopens)

We may have space in LARP. E-mail us at to enquire before registering

Roleplaying (Once Fixr reopens)

We may have space in specific categories, open RP registration is not available. Please contact us to enquire what games we can offer (if any) before registering.


New Wargaming sign ups will not be accepted.

Irn Gamer

Irn Gamer sign ups will not be accepted


Purchasing Tickets

Tickets are purchased via Fixr. A link to our fixr site is listed below.

We also accept payments via bank transfer. An accompanying email must be sent to

Registration for eSports

eSports signups should be done via the Smash.GG page. This is a special eSports Ticketing site that makes managing seeding, match tracking, streaming etc, much easier.

If you are attending as part of a group we would recommend you register via Smash.GG and your group include you on there signup sheet noting that you have already registered on smash.GG

Cancellations / Transfers

Cancellations are not being offered under most circumstances. There are exceptions such as an attendee being asked to GM or at the discretion of the NSGRC committee. If you cannot attend we would request you let us know as it can effect the viability of the event you would have been playing in and we may be able to adjust things to benefit those still attending.

Group tickets can be freely transferred to another member of the group, though please, let us know the change of name at so that lanyards can be correctly made. Such a transfer keeps its selection / assigned events, though, you can contact us to see if there are any options to change it.

Group tickets cannot be transferred between groups as it can interfere with event limits.

Individual tickets can be transferred, though, we require notification of the name change to

We will be managing ticket transfers manually and not through our ticketing site so please contact us regarding this.

Click here to Visit our Ticketing Site to purchase tickets 

Click here to Visit our Smash.GG page (Registration for eSports)

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