Things to do and see in Glasgow

Near the University

Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian is a small museum based in the University itself. Its exhibits vary from time to time but you can check out what will be on nearer the event at

Student Unions

Glasgow has the unique(ish) honor of being home to two student unions, both of which have their own storied histories. Featuring a variety of bars and clubs, both unions will be used extensively during the event.

KelvinGrove Art Gallery and Museum

You could easily spend an entire day in Kelvingrove and it’s well worth a visit should you find yourself extending your stay by a day. By far the largest museum in Glasgow, Kelvingrove is a 15 minute walk from the University. Features a wide variety of exhibits both from Glasgow and across the world more details can be found at

KelvinGrove Park

Kelvingrove Park is a short walk from the University and a great place to take some time getting away from the bustle of the city. While Kelvingrove park is very busy during the day we would not recommend cutting through the park at night.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Approximately 15 minutes walk from the University are the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. A large Greenhouse containing an extensive collection of plants sits in a large curated space. More information can be found at

In the City Center

Gallery of Modern Art

The GOMA is located within the city center almost equidistant between Central and Queen Street Stations. With shifting exhibits on throughout the year further details can be found at

Glasgow Green and the Winter Gardens

Glasgow Green is a large public park approximately 15 minutes walk from Central Station. It contains the People’s Palace / Winter Gardens – A Botanical Greenhouse where you can get a pleasant bite to eat while waiting for Winter to pass. More details can be found at

Glasgow Science Center

The Glasgow Science Center is approximately half an hours walk from Central Station though there are public transport options. Featuring a wide variety of interactive science exhibits the Department of Dice Science would be amis in not drawing your attention to this monument of science. More details can be found at

Glasgow CineWorld / Glasgow Film Theatre

Did you know that the CineWorld at the top of Buchanan Street, 5 minutes walk from Queen Street and Buchanan Bus Station, is the tallest in the world? Additionally, its 18 Screens mean that it shows older movies for longer, meaning you have a good chance of finding something you’d like to see. If your preference is for more independent movies, the fantastic Glasgow Film Theatre has you covered and it’s just another 10 minutes walk down Sauchiehall Street.

More details can be found at

Further information about things to do and see in Glasgow will be posted throughout the year.